Monday, June 4, 2012

Character Interviews: Jane Blake

Name: Jane Blake

Significant Other: None, so far. I'm okay with that.

What is your strongest belief? Everything in life is an opportunity, but not everyone sees it. I sound like a bumper sticker. *rolls eyes*

How do you like to spend your time? Since moving to Backus, I've learned that I don't have a lot of say over what I do, haha. I don't usually mind being dragged around by Rosie, though. Her adventures tend to be fun, and stretch me beyond what I'm used to.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? I would love to visit India someday. Really though, I'm fascinated by other cultures--so anywhere outside of the U.S. would be great.

What is your favorite food? Noodles with butter and cheese (not to be confused with macaroni and cheese). It's probably terribly bad for me...but it's so good!

Describe yourself in one word: Sweet (At least I try to be!)

What type of music could you listen to for hours? Anything with a beat. I don't need to dance to it, but it's nice to have the option to at least tap my foot. My current obsession is reggae music.

Do you plan to continue writing for the Backus Blab? I think I will. It's definitely improving.

What do you think about the Galas? Do you think they will go on every week? The galas are a lot of fun. I hope they continue! Rosie's pretty invested in them, so I'm sure as long as she's around she'll refuse to let them die out again.

How would you react if a flying monkey came to your house? A flying monkey, like in The Wizard of Oz? Yikes. I'd scream and run! Then I'd tell Rosie, and she'd come hug it and keep it as a pet. That girl is crazy.

Do you like chocolate more than vanilla? It depends on the form. Chocolate is usually better, but I like vanilla ice cream more.

Jane Blake, along with her good friend Rosie, can be found in the novel Forgotten Memories, and the short story (available free on Smashwords), Sanisfreeda.

Interview questions courtesy of Kateri. Thank you!

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