Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beauty in Books

There is beauty in words. In their arrangement on the page, in the way they sound when spoken, and in the way they look when written. Shealynn, from Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe, is willing to go a step beyond that: Book art.

I'm not a clock or watch person, but I wouldn't mind telling time by this!

An assurance from Shaelynn's blog:

"Don't worry. Unwanted books are not perfectly good books. The books I'm talking about are either 1) waterlogged or otherwise ruined volumes, or 2) those books whose content is worth next to nothing.

I do not desecrate good books. 

I just bring bad ones to life."

My favorite of her creations.

See more of her Destroyable Books series, and check out the rest of her creative pieces (including jewelry you could own), by following the links to her blog. She is an extremely talented young woman!

Now, as an author I have to insist that there is no replacement for the printed word. However, these eReader jackets from Out of Print Clothing tempt me to buy an eReader, just for an excuse to use them:

Out of Print Clothing offers t-shirts, bags, notebooks, coasters, and more; and their selection of books is continually increasing. 

Who wouldn't be inspired while writing in a journal like this?

Are you a fan of book art? What are some of your favorite artistic ways to see words? Please share!

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