Thursday, October 10, 2013

Memory Ghosts by Chelise Fry

We are delighted to share Rivershore's newest book, Memory Ghosts by Chelise Fry.

"The battle between hero and villain is one most often fought within ourselves"

This is the first in Fry's History of Eyrthum fantasy series, and follows brothers Reinhold and Lamertyn as they learn the secrets and dangers of Eyrthum. The intensity of the details, depth of the content, beautiful wording, and realistic characters combine to make this a book that draws the reader in and keeps their interest to the end. We are eager to read book 2!

Note: This book is meant for ages 16+, due to thematic elements.

For a limited time, the paperback of this book will be available at the reduced price of $10.99 on Amazon and the Rivershore Books store

Be watching in the coming weeks for the ebook! The price of the paperback will revert to $12.99 when the ebook is released.


Steampuppet said...

Is there anywhere I can find a copy of this book in digital or paper form to purchase?

Jansina G said...

Chelise is so honored by your interest! Unfortunately, she's pulled this off of sale for a while as she revises it. She hopes to have future books for you to enjoy soon!