Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Launches

One of my favorite parts of publishing - as both an author and a publisher - is book launches.

Every author's launch is different. Mine take place in my house. They're low-key, with food, games, and book readings - and mainly conversation.

Me (on the right) preparing for my first book launch - with the help of a good friend (and cover model for Shrouded Jewels and As Fairydust Settles), Jojo.

 K. Newman, signing her first novel, The Lands (published via Rivershore Books).

One of my clients held a launch at a coffee shop earlier this year. She made a point to talk to everyone who came and made us all feel special. I was introduced to multiple people as "my publisher" and "my editor" and loved the titles.

K. Newman and me, showing off her awesome book.

Just this month, Nikki Abramson had a great book launch at her church. There were over 100 people there, and she had a card-making table, a table about her business (Renew Hope), and a dramatic reading of her book, I Choose Hope (published via Rivershore Books).

I manned the book table (as the publisher I knew the prices and how to describe the book) and had the opportunity to meet and talk with almost everyone who came.

What did your book launch look like? If you haven't had one yet, what will you include when you do?

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