Sunday, February 2, 2014

Recent Releases

We are excited to share our most recent books with you!

Fighting for Life: The Midnight Hour by Laura Michelle

This book of poetry is a follow-up to Laura's first, Fighting for Life, and continues to tell her story through her beautiful, authentic poems.

GrandMa and the Miracles by Arthur Marinello

GrandMa and the Miracles, a hardcover book of poems, is Arthur's third collection of poetry, written throughout the years. He has a delightful, honest way of writing that shows both his humor and his insight.

Life is Crumbly by Jansina, with illustrations by Mary MacArthur
Also available directly from Jansina for $12 (hardcover) and $10 (paperback)

Called "morbidly cute" by some, this short story is about cookies and the ways they die - ultimately showing that it's not as bad as it seems. Illustrations are by the talented Mary MacArthur

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