Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Review: Made in the USA by Alisa Jordheim

Trafficking is a difficult subject to address. How do you find the balance of showing enough but not too much—of describing the violence without being gratuitous? Made in the USA does exactly that.

The passion of Jordheim and those who helped create the book is evident. The sections each give facts and figures, backed by research and quotes. Each of the five stories presented shows a different side of trafficking. Every mention of a victim or survivor is filled with respect and love.

And all of it is heartbreaking. I recommend keeping a box of tissues beside you as you read. I had to take breaks between each story.

The facts are explained well, the quotes from those working to stop trafficking, those involved in it, and those used by it help give it a personal feel, and the five main stories bring it to life. It’s not something I want to think about or imagine, but it’s happening. Because of that, this book is so important and needed.

The stories are graphic. The violence isn’t sugar-coated, but it’s also not gratuitous. Some of the more explicit content is heavily implied but not shown—it’s very well done. By the end of each section, after all the facts, stories, and quotes, the reader is left with both a strong sense of injustice and a feeling of hope for the future. These girls and boys got away. Others can, too.

This is a cause I’ve cared about for many years, since I first learned it was happening. I knew there was trafficking in America, but this book showed how prevalent it actually is. It gave me a renewed desire to help. As someone who wanted to get involved but didn’t know how, I appreciate the list of resources at the end of the book.

This is an excellent book, a difficult read, and it includes stories that need to be heard. Jordheim is helping bright to light a subject that has been too much in the dark.

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