Monday, April 29, 2013

New: Author Promotion!

I love helping my fellow authors! Because of this, I have decided to offer book reviews and author interviews. If you are interested in either, or if you have another idea, please email me at

I also offer some cross-promotion options on my author blog. Please check out the new For Authors tab for details.

I post everything in the order I receive it.

Book Reviews

I would love to review your book. My faith is the most important thing to me, so while your book does not have to be "Christian" for me to review (and like) it, if the content is questionable it will be reflected in my review, or I may choose to return it unfinished. Thank you in advance for not putting us in this position.

Review Options:
  1. Send me a free copy of your book.
  2. Do a review exchange with me! We can exchange our books (or each purchase the others', if you prefer). We'll post the reviews around the same time.
What to Send:
Please email the following to
  • Email the book in Kindle format or as a PDF, or snail mail a hard copy (email me for the address). I don't have a preference.
  • The cover photo of the book.
  • Your author photo and short (1 to 3 sentence) bio, if you'd like it included.
  • Links where the book can be purchased, author blog, website, social media, &c. Anything you would like me to include in my blog post of the review.
Content Guidelines:
  • I'm a bit of a wuss...please no horror or paranormal. 
  • I'm not opposed to fantasy, but to give you a general idea: I love The Lord of the Rings and Narnia; I don't intend to read Harry Potter.
  • I'm a professional editor, so I will definitely notice grammar mistakes (and probably comment on them in the review). However, they won't affect my star rating unless they make reading difficult.
  • Fiction, poetry, and nonfiction are all welcome!
Reviews will be posted on my business blog and on your book's pages on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Goodreads, and Smashwords (whichever apply). I'm happy to expand this--just send me the links!

Author Interviews

My first intro into professional writing was journalism, and interviews were my favorite part.

As mentioned above, my faith is the backdrop of all I do. While I would rather not say no to any author, I will only post interviews of authors whose books I would read. (See review guidelines, or send links to your books if you're uncertain.)

What to Send:
Please email the following to
  • Pen name, author photo, and short (1 to 5) sentence author bio, if you would like it included.
  • Any links you would like posted (where we can purchase your book/s, author blog, website, social media, &c.).
  • Any photos you would like included in the post (i.e., book cover/s).
I will send you a Word doc of the questions, and you can fill it out and return it when you're ready.

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