Monday, August 13, 2012

Character Interviews: Linda Johnson

Name: Linda (Leelee) Johnson

Significant Other: Frank stole my heart pretty quickly. So I married him. I'd say he's pretty significant.

What is your strongest belief? There is good in all people...some just like to hide it.

How do you like to spend your time? Playing basketball in the park is probably the most fun I could imagine.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? I have some friends who moved to Wisconsin. I'd love to see them again.

What is your favorite food? Anything from The Diner.

Describe yourself in one word: Joyful.

What type of music could you listen to for hours? Classical piano. It relaxes me.

Do you have a favorite flower? I was never all that interested in flowers, except to say, "Oh, that's pretty." So, I probably do, but I couldn't tell you the name of it.

What prompted you to play basketball? Dad used to play it with Ella and me. I loved it; she didn't.

Do you enjoy talking to Joe? Yeah. He's funny!

What is one of your favorite things to do? You're going to get sick of this word, Swing dancing can be fun, too. It depends on your partner.

Do you enjoy going to the Friday night galas? Usually, yes. There are a lot of good memories there.

What do you like about The Diner? Besides the food? The atmosphere is peaceful and energizing at the same time...and the people truly care.

Linda (Leelee), Frank, Ella, and Joe can be found in the novel, Forgotten Memories.

Questions courtesy of Kateri and Bonnie. Thank you!

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