Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Blogger: Poetry

Today we have a guest blogger. I would like to introduce you all to a friend and talented poet, Cateri S.


"From beginning to end
There is a time
When everything I say
Shall come out in rhyme"

I'm a poet. When I look about the world, the smallest thing can set off a twenty verse poem, that's not a lie, and I know it.
The way it captures the beauty, with imagery and analogies. Like comparing the petals of a flower
To the rain of an April shower.
A charm is there that isn't found
in regular prose
but in poems it abounds.
By this time you may have noticed that this whole post has been rhyming.
And that is the on purpose, not just a glitch of timing. ;)

I could think of no better way,
to talk about poetry,
than in this rhyming play.
But, to be a poem, it doesn't have to rhyme.
Just look at the next poem, I call it Lies:

A single crack in the glass
Growing slow and steady

Spreading through and weakening
from the outside in.
Until it becomes too much and shatters there before us.

Sweeping the pieces,
the broken thoughts.

Each piece falls through the fine sieve of truth
A single lie, exposed.

This, it has no word play.
But it's a poem, all the same.
More modern, yes that's true.
Powerful, and leaves an impression on me and you.
This is where analogies would come along.
See them used in poems, prose, and song.
Little ways of helping the image form in a mind.
Without them, we would be in such a bind.

Another form of Poetry,
which is the most fun one for me,
It's called a Limerick, you see.
Limericks often bring about
a smile that no one can put out.
Here is one I wrote today
About this site where this post shall lay:

There once was a blog online
That was so very fine
The interviews sweet
and posts so neat
The author is, simply, sublime!

As you can clearly tell,
limericks are so very swell!

Now a bit about the plan
That writing poems takes in hand.
Some people take hours
Or days to compose
A little poem or a line of prose.
Some will plan out each rhyme
And go about, just one line at a time.
Others race right through it all
And then re-write it until next fall.
I, on the odd side of things,
Race right through quite happily.
Rarely will I go back and re-do
A poem I have written, that's very true.
I prefer to let the rhymes
Form as the previous leaves my mind.
Then the poem is done in a flash,
And hardly will the verses clash.
That is how I write my poems,
But there's a different formula for prose
(Which I shan't delve into today)
Than writing a poem about a rose.

Before I take my leave and go
There is one more form to show.
Poems can tell stories and tales
About a life, or even about whales.

Take a look at this example.
The lines of story should be ample.
Forgive the length, it was needed
for the story to be completed.

Dear Baby

Hi my little baby, Mommy here
Today I got the best news of the year
That you are growing inside of me
I wonder what daddy will think, let's go see

Dear Baby, today you are two weeks old
Not very big yet, but that's foretold
Daddy says to tell you hi!
He's at work now, and I'm baking him a pie

Dear Baby, I heard the most precious sound
Your heart beating, nice and loud!
The doctors say you are doing great
You are so sweet, there's no debate

Dear Baby, now you've reached 8 weeks!
You're as big as my thumb, yet still pretty meek
Daddy and I saw you, too
The pictures are amazing, it's true

Dear Baby, we're picking out names!
Our friends and we agree, it's a fun game
So far the list is long
But we've nixed the name, "Ping-Pong"

Dear Baby, today it is Dad!
Mom and I are oh so glad
We saw your hands, and your tiny feet
I'll admit I cried, it was so sweet

Dear Baby, it's Mother and Father
We've decided you'll never be a bother
You are getting to be so big!
Mom and Dad almost danced a jig

Dear Baby, at 16 weeks old
You're moving around, are you being bold?
Today we painted your soon-to-be room
And Granny's making you a blanket, on her loom

Dear Baby, it's Daddy here
Mommy fell asleep, but no need to fear
Every night we'll sing you a song
Maybe one day you will sing along

Dear Baby, it's Mommy's night
I love you so much, and that's what's right
Daddy and I are waiting for the day
When we can all go to a park and play

Dear Baby, both of us now
You're getting closer every day now
We went to a baby shower
People gave us stuff like clothes and baby powder

Dear Baby, it's been 24 weeks!
Your room is almost ready, just a few more tweaks
We love you so very much, our little dear
We can't wait until you are here

Dear Baby, it's time to celebrate!
You came into this world at 2:58
Our little girl, so small and kind
We named you Rose Madeline! (Mad-a-line)

Dear Rose, tonight we brought you home
Our world is complete, we never want to roam
You are perfect and we are enjoying every minute of every day
Tonight we'll sit together and pray

And now to finish off this post,
I'll tell a little more
About why I love writing poetry most,
And don't worry, it shan't be a bore.

To me it's a means of expressing my feelings
In a way that is fairly appealing.
The way the words and imagery
Come together so wonderfully,
It's a marvel.
At least, a marvel to me.

Whether it's a tale of woe,
a lighthearted limerick, or
about some cookie dough,
I hope you enjoyed my whimsical way
Of talking about poems in rhyme.
It was fun the whole time
And I'll do it again, any day.

So, thank you for reading.
And that's my final say.

-Cateri S.
[all poems and quotes referenced are my own]

Cateri S. is currently a 10th grader and an avid poet. She began writing about a year and a half ago, as the result of a writing assignment for school. She aspires to become a published author at some point in her life. As of now, she is focusing on her poetry, intending to write a poem a day during the school year. In her free time, she enjoys: writing, reading, playing piano, cooking, spending time with family, staying active in the pro-life movement, and learning about her Catholic faith.

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