Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Excerpt: Shrouded Jewels

Shrouded Jewels is available on Amazon, Lulu, the Nook, and Kindle

       If Davey was impressed by the size of the Benson’s home, he didn’t show it. He seemed more curious about the people than about the house. None of their father’s business associates had ever shown an interest in them. To Mical, it was unnerving.
       “Where do you go to school, Mical?” he asked.
       Mical didn’t respond, and instead pointed to the basement stairs. They led to another large room.
       Davey peered inside. “This doesn’t look much like a school.”
       Jonathan laughed and Mira lifted her hand to hide a smile.
       “There’s a bathroom connected to your room you can use,” Mical said flatly.
       “I will probably do that,” Davey said.
       “Your room is the second door to the right.”
       “And straight on till morning?” He asked.
       Mical turned to Mira, hoping to find an explanation in her features. 
       Davey smiled gently. “Peter Pan, anyone?”

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Katherine Sophia said...

Oooh, excerpts are always fun! :D I love the story reference there, and just the feel of the group that you get from their interactions, even in just a few lines. Very cool! :)

Jansina said...

Thank you! :)