Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Review: Conquering Your Goliaths

Conquering Your Goliaths by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

(This review is for the audiobook version.)

I definitely would listen to this book again, and I plan to. The story had so many Truths in it, and I would love to sit down with a notebook and just soak them all in.

The scene that sticks out to me most is when the trust stone started to sink into Virginia's couch. It paints such a clear picture of the effect doubt can have. There are similar metaphors throughout the book. None of them felt too obvious or forced, but the meanings were clear.

I loved the part when Virginia met with God and began to wonder why she never saw anyone else there. His response was that He always would have time for his children, no matter when, and no matter how many of them needed Him at once. He'll always be there to listen to us, and that scene was an almost tangible reminder of that fact.

A close second favorite scene is when God asked Virginia how she feels about being single. As someone in a very similar situation, I appreciated her response and His answer. It really is all about trust.

There was a good mixture of happy, sad, and tender moments. There were parts that made me giggle and parts that made me wish I could give the characters a hug. I didn't have any extreme reactions, but the entire book was calming and gave me a sense of peace.

The narrator was an excellent choice for this book. It was almost always clear who was speaking, just based on her tone, and she captured the characters' emotions perfectly.

When the book first began, I didn't relate much to Virginia. I'm not too interested in makeup, I love my job, and I tend to look at life positively. As the book progressed, however, her character grew and I began to see the similarities in our lives. Some of the things she deals with, I deal with now or I have in the past (and likely will again). By the end of the book, I loved her.

This was a great book, easy to listen to, and I would definitely recommend it.

I was given an audiobook copy of this book for this unbiased review.

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