Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review: Ransomed

This is one of the most beautiful books I've seen or read. I fell instantly in love with the illustrations throughout. The detail in them is incredible even in black and white, and they fit the story so well.

But what really makes Ransomed a treasure is the story itself. This short book captures real, true love like only a few others (with more words) have managed to. It isn't a sappy story. Coming from a Christian (so take that as you will), I don't feel it's a preachy story. It's a gentle and honest story of betrayal, pain, hatred, hope, sadness, and love.

The language is poetic, the allegory is subtly clear, and the message is lasting. I've already recommended this to friends, and plan to keep it as a "coffee table book" to pique the curiosity of even more.

Unlike most books I review, I bought a (signed) copy on my own.


Catherine said...

This book is prefect for my church library. It is on my purchase request list. It is also on my Christmas list for my home.

Jansina G said...

Awesome! :)