Monday, July 23, 2012

Character Interviews: Joe Blake

Name: Joe Blake

Significant Other: Isn't it obvious? Ella's the girl for me.

What is your strongest belief? True change is possible, but requires time and patience.

How do you like to spend your time? Give me a good-sized kitchen and access to a pantry and fridge, and I'll be content for hours.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? I'm rather enjoying the atmosphere in Backus. I think I'll stay here a while.

What is your favorite food? Uncle Bruce's milkshakes are unbeatable.

Describe yourself in one word: I try to be funny. Yes, I realize that's five words, but I never was a rule-follower.

What type of music could you listen to for hours? Jazz will never cease to make me smile.

Does the word glitter make you want to put it (glitter) on people? ...I'm going to say no. As tempting as that would be, I have a feeling there would be a lot of angry people on my trail.

If you got to travel back in time which time period would you pick? 0 B.C. Or whenever it was that Jesus was born.

Explain your answer to the above question about why you picked that time period. Can you imagine seeing Jesus grow up? I can't, either, but I'd like to.

Name one of your favorite authors. Mark Twain is a funny man.

Joe Blake and Ella Mitchell can be found in both Forgotten Memories and Shrouded Jewels. (Both novels are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.)

Interview questions courtesy of Megan and Bonnie. Thank you!

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