Friday, September 7, 2012

Grammar Day: Except vs. Accept

Grammar is a tricky subject. With all the rules and exceptions, how can a person keep track? I can't answer that, but I can help with little pieces here and there.

Today's Topic: Except vs. Accept

These two words may sound similar when spoken, but they mean very different things.


Except: This word is used when there is an exception of some sort. It can be though of as a more specific word for 'but'.
Everyone, except your cranky uncle, is welcome. 
It was fun, except the music was too loud.
Accept: While the above word can sometimes be seen as exclusive (consider the first example), this can be seen as inclusive.
We gladly accept you into our club.
It is also a word to show resignation.
He chose to accept his fate.
Final Note: If you have difficulty remembering which to use, replace the word with 'welcome'.
She had to [welcome] the stranger.
This works, so we'd use 'accept'.
They liked it all, [welcome] the ending.
Huh? The word here is 'except'. 

Welcome is a bit more cheerful a word than accept is, but this will help when deciding which you intend.

I love to learn; let me know what I'm forgetting!

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