Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Monkeys and Gorillas...

This was the first story I ever wrote. I think I was around eight years old, and it was for an English assignment. I had just learned about the semi colon, and I was excited. I hope it gives you a smile!

The Story of the Wise Old Gorilla and the Mischievous Monkey

The monkey was very foolish; the gorilla was very wise. One day the monkey saw a tree that looked pretty sturdy, but the wise old gorilla was there and he saw what the monkey was going to do; he stopped him.

The monkey saw another tree that had a nest in it, and the monkey wanted to get a closer look. The gorilla knew that the mama bird would come if he did that, so he stopped him again.

The monkey was getting more and more curious as they walked. He had seen a hole in a tree, a squirrel's nest, and a tree that had some branches that looked like they would be good for swinging. But the gorilla would not let him go to any of these.

That would not stop him, though. When the gorilla was asleep, the monkey went back to where they had been that day.

First, he went to the tree that looked like it had good swinging branches...but when he swung on them he immediately fell to the ground--branch and all!

So the gorilla had a good reason not to let me go. But that is just one thing. Surely he could not have good reasons to let me go do all those other things, he thought as he brushed off the leaves.

So he went to all the places the gorilla would not let him go to. He was on his way to the sturdy looking tree, but there were bad things at every single place he went.

At the squirrel's nest, the squirrels got mad at him for coming to their nest and threw nuts at him. At the hole in the tree, he went into the hole and it stunk! A skunk lived there and sprayed him! At the bird's nest, the mama bird came and pecked at him.

But the monkey still had not learned his lesson. Now he was at the sturdy looking tree. It was sturdy all right, but when he was halfway up, he fell down. He tried this a few more times, but it was always the same result. The tree was wet!

I think I'll listen to that wise old gorilla from now on, the monkey sighed.

The End

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